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Letter by H C Russell, 20 February 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 20 February 1891

Letter by H C Russell, 20 February 1891


Febry 20th

My dear Capt Short

By Steamer I am sending you
8 Raingauges at 7=₤2=1b=0
and 11 Raingauge glasses at ½ 0-12-10
cortagets steamer 0-1-2
total cost ₤ 3-10-0

I hope they will reach you in good order. I don’t know why; but the makers of the raingauges have been unusually slow this time although I had ordered 144 to be made for me.

The man here who used to make thermometers for me has given up: and I am obliged to send to Kew for them. They are perhaps better finished but they cost 20s each instead of 15s which I used to pay in Sydney.

I am glad to hear the Tide gauge is working well. The records will be useful & interesting to you; and also useful to H.M.S. ships.

Capt Frederick is very much interested in tides and he told me, that he would call upon you about tides at Hobart

The Hydrographer is very much interested in tides and perhaps more so since the great eruption of “Krakatoa” which sent tidal waves round the earth and for want of tide gauges in the Pacific it could not be traced as accurately as desired.

I suppose you are looking forward to the meeting of the A.A. for A.S at Hobart in Janry 1892 it will be a great treat or a great worry for you. as you take it. I generally find such things a worry because it gives one such a lot of extra work: with kind regards

Yours very truly
H.C. Russell



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