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Letter by H C Russell, 6 October 1870

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Letter by H C Russell, 6 October 1870


October 6th 1870

Dear Sir

I will pay the cost of covering the Evaporator. It is not necessary to bring it indoors when it rains and will interfere with the results, as it was intended to receive the rain and being like the rain gauge 8 inches in diameter to extract the weight of rain from the weight of Evaporator. If however ?? ?? sufficient rain should fall to overfill the evaporator you must then put out all in excess of lbs?? gross weight ?? the weight of water evaporates, put into the glass measure will give you the evaporation in inches.

The Humidity for the 21st is 45 as shown by my Humidity scale. I think you have taken the wrong difference it is 11.3.

When the Index Line cuts between two Table lines we take the nearest or estimate the fraction and enter it as a decimal of the Humidity thus if index line came between 45 and 46 Humidity lines but nearer to 45 than 46 we should call it 45 or 45.4 or .3 according to the proportion. I have not been able to learn where you can ?? ?? but think if you send to Braddock?? and ask him he will get it from Melbourne for you. I hope to send you ?? ?? (more instructions??) soon.

Have you got a yard in which I could take Magnetic and other observations? Please let me know as I want to pay Goulburn a visit for that purpose soon.

Yours truly
H. C. Russell

?? Delgarno Esq

Letter by H C Russell, 23 September 1870

A closer view of the same letter:
Letter by H C Russell, 23 September 1870


Sept 23 [187]0


I forward by this mail a supply of forms which please use for Monthly Returns; if you do not receive a book before you are ready to begin use one of the forms for making your daily entry.

You had better begin observations as soon as you can so that you may get familiar with the instruments and able to make good records by the first pro??.

The evaporator need not be covered during rain, provision is made for determining the rain which falls into it.

You will find it necessary to exercise great care in measuring and weighing the Rain.

No pay is attached to the Office of Meteorological Observer except in 8 cases where much more has to be done and more instruments are supplied.

I have the honor to be
HC Russell
Govt Astronomer

Mr E.?? St Aubyn Kingsford

Letter by H C Russell, 5 September 1870

Govt Observatory
Sept 5 1870


When rain falls into the evaporator it is not necessary to reduce the weight to 12 lbs when the fall of rain should be more than sufficient to fill the evaporator which will seldom if ever occur.

The reason it is not filled in the first instance is to leave room for rain and weights are supplied in excess of 12 lbs. It is necessary to be very careful with the weights and measuring. I find on examination that many of your results last month are wrong.

I have to urge your compliance with the order issued by the Superintendent of Telegraphs to send in your results daily.

I have &c
HC Russell
Govt Astronomer

The Station Master

Letter by H C Russell, 1 September 1870

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Letter by H C Russell, 1 September 1870


Govt Observatory
Sept 1st 1870

Dear Sir

Amongst other letters left by the late astronomer and which I fear failing health prevented him from answering is yours of Janry 14 kindly forwarding meteorological information for which I take this opportunity of thanking you: more especially as you have furnished some information in reference to the wind which may help me in tracing our local winds.

As you you [sic] kindly offer to supply further information if you have forms I send you some in the hope that you will find time to copy and send me your past and future observations.

I also send a copy of instructions issued to our new stations and I shall be glad to send you a raingage [sic] if you will tell me how to forward it.

The scales spoken of in the instructions are only used with the raingage [sic] as a check over the measures made by some careless observers who seem not to take any interest in their work. I will not therefore forward them to you unless you would like to have an evaporator as well as Raingauge.

Yours very truly
H. C. Russell
Govt Astronomer



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