Name A Star

Sydney Observatory’s Name A Star program enables you to associate a name with a star in our Sydney Southern Star Catalogue (SSSC) — compiled by Sydney Observatory during its time as a research facility and published in 1983 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales. All available stars to be named are magnitude 6-10 and can be viewed through the telescopes at Sydney Observatory, and from anywhere in Australia or the Southern Hemisphere.

Name A Star links a name with a star in our catalogue and your donation funds the heritage and collection program at Sydney Observatory, a non-profit organisation, part of the Powerhouse Museum*. This means that your individual Name A Star gift is fully tax-deductible. Your chosen name for the star in the catalogue is kept in the Observatory’s records.

Please note, we are now at capacity for this Valentines Day, 14 February.  At other times it normally takes 7-10 working days to process a NAME A STAR package.

Order form (Individual)
Order form (Corporate)

You can now email your form to:

The individual star package includes:

  • Certificate (suitable for framing)
  • Letter to the person receiving the package, and another to the person giving the package
  • Star charts and co-ordinates showing where the star is located in the night sky
  • Postage via Express Post in Australia
  • Tax receipt for your donation

Optional Star Viewing: Also available and highly recommended, is a night viewing pass to Sydney Observatory for up to four people to view the SSSC star you’ve named through our telescopes.

* Please note, Sydney Observatory’s Name A Star program does not offer international naming rights to the star. It is an official tax-deductible donations program run by astronomers, the income from which goes towards the Observatory’s collection, heritage and programs. The Name A Star program does offer naming rights in the Sydney Southern Star Catalogue which was observed, photographed, measured and catalogued at Sydney Observatory.

  • certificate