Name A Star

Sydney Observatory’s Name A Star program enables you to associate a name with a star in our Sydney Southern Star Catalogue (SSSC) — compiled by Sydney Observatory during its time as a research facility and published in 1983 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales. All available stars to be named are magnitude 6-10 and can be viewed through the telescopes at Sydney Observatory, and from anywhere in Australia or the Southern Hemisphere.

Name A Star links a name with a star in our catalogue and your donation funds the heritage and collection program at Sydney Observatory, a non-profit organisation, part of the Powerhouse Museum*. This means that your individual Name A Star gift is fully tax-deductible. Your chosen name for the star in the catalogue is kept in the Observatory’s records.

Order form (Individual)
Order form (Corporate)
For  Name A Star enquiries phone: (02) 9921 3483 (Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm)
You can now email your form to:

The individual star package includes:

  • Certificate (suitable for framing)
  • Letter to the person receiving the package, and another to the person giving the package
  • Star charts and co-ordinates showing where the star is located in the night sky
  • Postage via Express Post in Australia
  • Tax receipt for your donation

Optional Star Viewing: Also available and highly recommended, is a night viewing pass to Sydney Observatory for up to four people to view the SSSC star you’ve named through our telescopes.

* Please note, Sydney Observatory’s Name A Star program does not offer international naming rights to the star. It is an official tax-deductible donations program run by astronomers, the income from which goes towards the Observatory’s collection, heritage and programs. The Name A Star program does offer naming rights in the Sydney Southern Star Catalogue (SSSC) which was observed, photographed, measured and catalogued at Sydney Observatory.

  • certificate